FASS Fuel Systems Titanium Series Replacement Fuel Filter (FF-3003)



This filter is to be used as a direct replacement for your FASS Fuel Systems Titanium Series Fuel Filter part# FF-3003. This filter can also be used to replace the FWS-3003 on the Titanium Series System only. It is suggested this filter is changed every 30,000 miles.
FF-3003 Filter Cross Reference List below
Note* If you have an older FASS Platinum Series Pump (Single Filtered Unit) we do not suggest using the FF-3003 as a replacement for the FWS-3003. That unit requires a dual purpose fuel/water seperator. Please check our cross reference list for a filter to fit your application, below.
Compatible with the following: 
  • Baldwin BF7633 (2M)
  • Carquest 86528 (2M)
  • CAT IP2299 (6M)
  • CAT IR-0750 (2M)
  • Donaldson P551025 (4M)
  • Donaldson P551311 (3M)
  • Donaldson P551313 (3M)
  • Donaldson P553203 (3M)
  • Donaldson P557440 (6M)
  • Donaldson FF5320 (2M)
  • Donaldson P8334 (2M)
  • Donaldson FF1079 (2M)
  • Wix 33352 (6M)
  • Wix 33528 (2M)
  • Wix 33674 (2M)
  • Fleetguard FS1000 (10M)